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Default Re: Syracuse fires associate head basketball coach Bernie Fine

Originally Posted by Dizzle-2k7
time to fire boeheim he had to have known this was going on..

fool even jumped to the media first day "he's lying he's lying." about the accuser.

Boeheim did what anyone in his position would do. Defend someone whom he believed was telling him the truth. Which is the allegations were false. Boeheim also said anyone comparing this to the PSU is kidding themselves because he wasnt told anything by anyone. He said if it comes out that the asst Coach was lying, then he would seperate himself from him for good. But for now? He's giving him the benefit of the doubt. So how can you fault him for that? You cant. The dude lied and his wife in the phone convos even said to her husband that eventually your dirty secret will be made public because the two people who knew were the accuser and herself.

You call Boeheim a fool because in hindsight the truth was revealed. Anyone can do that.
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