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Default Re: Enough with the Broussard already

Originally Posted by Burgz
all i've been hearing today is Chris Broussard rumours

apparently everyone is going to the Clippers

also, apparently NBA teams are interested in good players...whoa way to go Broussard, top notch reporting right there

can someone remind me why we still keep this guy relevant even though i cant even remember the amount of times he reported the lockout to be coming to end/never ever ending at all?

what's more is that I find it fairly unprofessional for someone to be reporting on possible deals with total disregard to the rules and stipulations as imposed by the new CBA.


Don't worry man. Raptors will have their day under the sun. Not saying this sarcastically.. I really think Raptors will soon find their star and franchise player. I know how annoying it is.. when your team is rebuilding or stuck like the Raptors this last year with no immediate end in sight.

Raptors NEED to scout heavily for this draft because they will likely get a top 5 pick. This is their shot for a franchise player. I honestly hope you guys get the number 2 pick right after the Clippers. Bobcats and Raptors are hurting badly for that franchise player.
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