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Default Re: Enough with the Broussard already

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
Don't worry man. Raptors will have their day under the sun. Not saying this sarcastically.. I really think Raptors will soon find their star and franchise player. I know how annoying it is.. when your team is rebuilding or stuck like the Raptors this last year with no immediate end in sight.

Raptors NEED to scout heavily for this draft because they will likely get a top 5 pick. This is their shot for a franchise player. I honestly hope you guys get the number 2 pick right after the Clippers. Bobcats and Raptors are hurting badly for that franchise player.

picking Valanciunas seems like a godly decision to me by BC because of the lockout and his upside, however it doesnt excuse him for years of mediocrity and overpaying washed up talent. If we have a top 2 pick, pick the best pg or wing that enters the draft and be done with it, no "symbolic" picks PLEASE!

what Broussard fails to mention is that the Raptors may have the most cap space in 2012 of any team in the NBA, and with the tighter rules around luxury tax, it is actually more than conceivable that players will want to come to toronto to get paid

plus we have some of the best fans in the league and we sell out close to if not every game we play

Our biggest problem is the money tied into Bargnani/Kleiza/Calderon right now

2 of the 3 MUST go, if not all of them. I've never liked teams that rebuild half-assed, if we are going to suck at least suck with purpose
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