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Default Re: Facts that say Dirk is MVP

Originally Posted by Nowitness41991
You get lucky when a 90% FT shooter misses, and you got lucky when josh howard fouled nash for 3 FT's.

Whoopyyyyy you won 1 game this year against the mavs and the fact it took you 2 OTs to do it. 2-1 in the season buddy. Hey where was nash against the NUGGETS? And did you see Dirk score 19 points in the 4th qtr to seal a victory vs the celtics? Now by your logic, Dirk is now the MVP because you like basing opinion on 1 game out of 82.

Face it, so far Dirk just has it. Dirk also played in 5 more games than Nash.

May I remind you of game 5 in last years WCF?

With a defense that gives up 70 pts to the DENVER NUGGETS in 1 half definatly has a chance in the playoffs...hahahaahhahahahahahaaa

Hahah i like this one, nash scored 10 points in the final 57 seconds of regulation time, had critical defensive stops in both overtimes and drew that foul on josh howard that was just smart playing.

Now as for playoffs all you mavs better hope you dont play nelly in the 1st round because youve proven to pretty much fold when you play them or maybe its the fact that nelly knows the mavs too well either way you wont be sweeping that series by any means.

Good Day.
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