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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Problem is Chris Paul isn't going to re-up with a ton of teams most likely so that automatically takes a shit ton of teams that would be able to absorb all there bad contracts out. A team like Denver could take on Emeka\Chris Paul\Whatever giving them back like Lawson\Chandlers rights\Mosgov\Hamilton kinda thing. Doubt Chris Paul would be like ok I'll re-up in Denver so right off the bat those types of deal are probably off the table. Same with a team like Indiana. There not giving up like Hibbert|Collison|George for a guy who's not 100% on board with re-signing.

Thus leaving a team like Boston with Rondo. Good value and probably works out with Paul. If NO wants to save money all they have to do is move Rondo to another team for whatever they want. Flipping Rondo wouldn't be hard. Probably flip him for a decent young point on his rookie contract + picks + another prospect or something if they really wanted to save money.
Orrrr they set up a 3 teamer like they're trying to do with young guys and picks going to NO and Rondo to a 3rd team with young cheap assets, like Indiana. NO wants to shed money, they're not doing that in a 2 teamer, but a team like Indiana, with ample cap space AND nice young pieces lets them do that.
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