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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by Pushxx
To be fair, when healthy, Rondo has proven lately he is a walking 14 APG. He's his own mold.

He was in top 5 MVP voting for the first half of the season until he got hurt and never returned to 100%. The Miami series proved how important he is...

He was not going to average 14 apg then entire season regardless. Rondo was not badly injured to the point that he "couldnt" pass. Quite simply put the Celtics came out extremely hot during the 14 apg stretch and we began to cool off as the season progressed.

Do you seriously think he would average 14 assists the entire season. I called it 10 games in that he would fall to about 11 PER. Rondo disgusts me the way he WHORES for assissts. I'm sick of seeing ruin an easy 2 points he could've had because he's tryin to rack up another assist. I'm sick of his defender 15 feet away from him playing ball denial on one of our big 3 disrupting passing, Im sick his brick jumpers, brick free throws and his unwillingness to assert him as a scorer when our big 3 just flat out isnt shooting the ball well. I say we get rid of him now before the Big 3 retire and he's exposed.

Are you seriou, the miami series proved how overrated he is. He wanted nothing to do with offense in that series. He cost us the series. That whole 'dead arm" act was comical.

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