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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by Dbrog
Am I the only one wondering why the f@ck the Celtics are trying to get rid of their ONLY young allstar player. It just doesn't make sense. Do they not realize the big 3 will be retiring soon? Rondo is LEGIT and people will want to go there to play with him. Celtics need to rethink their strategy...

It's to make one last push for a ring then reevaluate their options this summer. They've got a two huge contracts coming off the books and will have the flexibility to sign free agents to long term contracts then. Moving Rondo for Chris Paul is an attempt to entice other free agents like Dwight Howard to come on board. It makes sense. They've got their eyes set on CP3 and Dwight being in Celtics unis next season with Pierce as captain and KG/Allen both signing one year contracts.

As a Celtics fan I'm reluctant to ship Rondo out, obviously. If there's any truth to the Broussard rumor about CP3 disinterested in signing an extension with Boston, the whole discussion is moot anyway.
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