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Default Re: Broussard: Boston offered Rondo+Green for Westbrook+Perk, OKC said no

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
He also reported Chicago and New York as likely destinations not even a week before. The guy is a disinformation junkie.

Nah...he never said Rondo was headed to Chicago or New York...He merely said it was good idea (for New York) to go after him and a center...

Again, you can't have it both ways...U can't poo-poo Brossard's rumors and then act like he wasn't the first to break that the Celtics are looking to trade Rondo after Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports are now reporting the same thing...

Slow down, and let's see how this goes...Because beyond what you think, it does make sense to trade Rondo while he has some value...
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