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Default Re: Chris Paul Doesn't Want To Be A Celtic

Kevin Garnett didn't want to be a Celtic either. A year later he was publicly chiding himself for not deciding to come to Boston sooner. Even through all the hubbub surrounding the Decision, he maintained that he should have been a Celtic years earlier.

If you think the next phase of the Celtics history would revolve solely around Chris Paul, you're sorely mistaken. Danny's always thinking 4-5 moves ahead of everyone else. Chris Paul would just be one piece going into the 2012 season.

That being said, the strings that would have to be pulled to machine all of this into place would be enormous. Realistically, the chances are pretty damned slim. But I'm not ready to blow all possibility out of the water just because someone who isn't Chris Paul said he wouldn't sign an extension with the Celtics...the guy wants to win and Boston is a winning town. Besides, as much as he keeps saying he loves New Orleans and his heart is there and all that jazz, you know damned well he has no intention of staying there.

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