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Default Re: Chris Paul Doesn't Want To Be A Celtic

Originally Posted by Derka
If you think the next phase of the Celtics history would revolve solely around Chris Paul, you're sorely mistaken. Danny's always thinking 4-5 moves ahead of everyone else. Chris Paul would just be one piece going into the 2012 season.
lol at these bozo C's fans still thinking Ainge is a good GM

He got Allen and Garnett and every single other move he has made for the franchise has been horrible, including trading Perkins for Krstic and Jeff Green mid season singlehandedly destroying the number one contender in the east and making them a joke for no reason.

Ainge is a moron, stop giving him credit he doesn't deserve. This reminds me of the Pritchslap idiots at Portland. Turns out Bayless and Fernadez were busts and every other player he drafted was incredibly injury prone-he drafted them while knowing this so it turned out Pritch was actually an idiot. Soon C's fans will see this about Ainge.
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