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hey, i'm here. i'm definitely going to be getting a league pass (cousin is getting it for me for christmas ) and i'd be happy to share it with you guys. i'll pm you the username and password when i get it. it'll only work on the computer of course but the quality is great, that's how been able to watch the bobcats for the last few years.

and about tyrus, LJJ echoes my sentiments exactly. he needs his minutes, i think he has a lot of potential to be a 15/9 kinda guy given starter minutes and he has a lot of impact on the defensive end. he's also still very young so there's lots of room to improve. the sooner we get rid of boris diaw the better imo. i'd like to see TT at the 4 and biyombo at the 5 to start the season. a starting 5 of something like this:

Kemba Walker
Gerald Henderson
Corey Maggette (can't stand him as a player but he's still instant offense)
Tyrus Thomas
Bismack Biyombo

it's going to be a longgggg season but it's a young team with plenty of room to grow. i don't think we have any hope of sniffing the playoffs this year but i'm hopeful for the future
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