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Default Re: Players were drafted from...

Sure USA dominates basketball, but I think basketball is the sport played by the most peaple on the planet, so yes it's international. And it's great that so many player are coming from abroad to the NBA, makes the game more entertaining.

I would like to make a new thread on european draft prospects, but I can't make a new thread (don't know why).

In France Fournier looks good (and we have a lot of hope in him cause he's just different from our usual prospects, he's not that athletic but very creative). The odds are he's gonna be drafter, late in the first round or early second I guess.

We also have Rudy Gobert, who will definitely get drafted. Legit 7-footer (he's listed as 6-10 or 6-11 on some websites but I think he's definitely 7-0), huge wingspan, a bit skinny but his body looks like he can add some weight easily... I'm not sure he's gonna be a starting center in the NBA but there's no way every team passes on his size and potential in the draft.
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