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Default Re: Adam Morrison? Any team going to pick him up?

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
adam morisson could prolly take wayne ellington's spot on the bench right now if he had to compete for it. what the hell is wayne ellington's purpose for even being on the wolves? him and pekovic are worthless.

I agree with you about Ellington, he is an undersized 2 guard that jacks up shots like crazy. He can shoot though and I think he is a solid 12th man, he can come in if someone else gets injured and play limited minutes.

Pekovic is a beast in the post. He is a very good scorer and always gets a great seal in the post. He struggles defensively though and he should go to a team who can mask his lack of defensive ability and can utilise his massive bulk and post skills. He doesn't fit on the Wolves, when he played together with Love it was the worst defensive frontcourt in the league.
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