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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

Originally Posted by GOBB
Used Trophy system earlier. Maps like Village its perfect because if you spawn A side, teams can throw those random grandes/semtex and kill you. I planted it as we took A and it stopped a random nade. Then planted it on B and stopped the flash. Pretty cool. Takes some time to get used too because I forget I have it on. Used to flashing/concussion that I often will drop it by accident.

I also noticed it stops noob tubes. The Map Lockdown where people like the buildings around the B flag. There is a long hallway that connects to another building as if you were going to cap the A flag. I slapped it down in the hallway knowing people would come thru. Guy shot a noob tube, failed.

Am I the only one who used the hell out of claymores in say MW2 and even BO? But MW3, rarely use them. I think because of that sitrep and stalker perks I figure why even use it. I dont get the kills I normally did in BO with claymores.

yeah i remember that, dude probably could have gotten a 3 piece if you didnt put that trophy system down.. . we had some good games the other night me, u and muff aside from that frustrating game on village where i went 52-10, u went 30-22-15 and muff was like 35-10 the other 3 guys on our team were each about minus 15 . Im running a 2.3 k/d right now which is ok with me i really felt like i was gonna be able to hold a 3 k/d in mw3 but the way the game plays is am happy with a 2. my win/loss is pretty good though so overall its not to bad.
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