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Default Re: Fact or Fiction: LeBron James is and will always be Robin as opposed to being Batman?

Lebron has never been "Robin" or a sidekick.

And yeah, Skip Bayless is an idiot, as evidenced by him leaving Lebron and Dwight out of his top 5 players list, and using this "clutch gene" nonsense to support whatever his agenda is at the moment. For example, I like Melo, but he talks about how clutch Melo is for 1 good playoff run and some regular season performances, yet Lebron has had a playoff run that stomps all over Melo's '09 and plenty of regular season games where he has taken over late as well as 4th quarters, yet, those don't count when it's Lebron.

The fact is, Skip Bayless is around to do one thing. Say provocative things to piss people off. Nobody should take him seriously. Just listen to his arguments against Aaron Rodgers current season. Nobody could be stupid enough to think points like that are valid, probably not even Skip.
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