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Default Alternative ISH League 2012-13 *UPDATED*

As of the moment there is a 1 spot opening.

All settings will be the same as the previous season to promote the continuation of the league which is now in its fifth year.

League settings

Standard Yahoo! H2H 9 category scoring (FG%, FT%, 3PtM, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals, TOs)

14 members

Commish rules on trades (no vetoes unless collusion/tanking is evident)

3 moves per week cap

Tentative Draft date: Sunday night of the 28th

I have sent out invitations to almost every manager from last year - if you cannot/do not wish to participate this season, please let me know asap so I can find replacements, thanks.

Members, please let me know if this current draft time works for you, and if not, tell me what the best time would be for you - and as always, draft time will be based on which time can have the most participants.

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