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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

I'd say it just depends on the moves they make and development of Hayward. I only expect in the 25-35 win range, but if they get average level replacements for their atrocious back court, then I'd say they have a shot. However, with a point guard who can't pass and a shooting guard who chucks like no other, they're bound to be pretty awful.

Also an unproven coaching staff, no back-up pgs, inexperience, little defense especially if AK leaves, and a log jam at the 4 with no 5, etc., etc. Takes stars to win. They don't appear to have that right now.

We need 3 point shooting. I'd love for us to go after Thaddeus Young though, he could be a great part of our future (even though not a 3 point specialist), very efficient player.

Here's a trade that I heard from one of the KFAN guys earlier today.

Okur for Farmar + Morrow. NJ saves 8 million in cap space (and only a 1 year deal), Jazz don't need to amnesty Memo and get a 3 point specialist in Morrow, and Farmar is a solid back-up.

Young would be nice but he's restricted so would seem unlikely. Is Corbin going to step into the 21st century as far as the 3 goes? Jerry certainly never embraced the shooting or defending of the shot.

Like the trade. Seems like one NJ might do as they seem to be going after the big FA's.
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