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Default Re: 2011-12 Jazz could play big-man musical chairs

Average at best. He's not even that great of a defender anymore. He'll get a block a game, a steal a game, and make a couple passes, but then he doesn't really do much else.

Considering that he flys all over the court defensively I hate to think where they'll be without him. He's hardly an average player. Highly overpaid yes he was. Makes some bad decisions and can't shoot yes. An unselfish energy guy that makes plays are hard to come by, especially ones that actually want to be in Utah.

Doesn't really matter if he deserves it. He needs it to grow. Playing against DLeague scrubs isn't really all that helpful,

Why give him the time to grow if he's not anything more than a spot energy guy at best? Winning and competing don't matter anymore? The D-league can certainly be more helpful for a guy if that's the level of player he is than being thrown into a situation where he is in over his head.
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