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Default Schedule Released

2011-12 Schedule

Play 4x: Suns, Warriors, Blazers, Nugets, T-Wolves, Thunder
Play 3x: Lakers (2H, 1A), Kings (1H, 2A), Jazz (1H, 2A), Spurs (1H, 2A), Rockets (2H, 1A), Grizzlies (2H, 1A), Hornets (2H, 1A), Mavs (1H, 2A)
Play 2x: Wizards (1H, 1A), Nets (1H, 1A), Hawks (1H, 1A)
Play 1x: Heat (H), Celtics (H), Knicks (A), Magic (A), Bulls (H), Cavs (A), Pistons (H), Bucks (H), Raptors (H), 76ers (A), Bobcats (A), Pacers (A)

The squads we play 4x are squads we should beat sans the Thunder, so I'm kind of glad about that.
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