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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

I think ELPRESADOR gimmick is to be the game basher so to speak. He's not a good player at all but he makes video trashing games and how people play in a funny manner. Sorta like the Stephen A Smith of vid makers. Thats his bag it seems. I could be off, but the few videos I've seen from him he's consistent in this. One video in BF3 he just talks about the wilderness. Talks about trees, rocks, where you could camp (not in the game sense) by setting up a tent. Guy is just nuts. He doesnt even look for the action because as he put it "I can hear gunfire but where the f*ck ARE THEY?! They dropped me off in the middle of nowhere!"

Yeah Fallen it seems people like that area where the A flag is in Domination. Top floor building. I dont hate that map tho. They do camp buildings in that map but Fallen wouldnt be the first map I list if I had my choice of crap maps. Its definately a crappy design tho when you think about it. Like there is too much crap you run into. Cars, trucks, broken walls, piles of rubble, uncut trees/grass (that one back area you can run thru and sometimes will be spawned). Everything blends in too. You can easily go prone and be Captain Ghillie suit.
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