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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

I'm really torn on this season finale.

On the pro side, the set up for next year is really good. Clay has leverage because of the Irish that he doesn't even know about. He doesn't know, in fact no one knows, except for Jax and Tara, why Jax is so desperate to consumate the Gallindo/Irish deal. Chibbs has been moved up, mainly to help Jax in his facilitating the Irish, but he's gonna be torn between Jax and Clay, and with Jax unable to tell him his true motives, it will put Chibbs in an interesting spot.
Bobby as well, will be getting unknown assistance from Jax, for reason's Jax can't divulge.
Tig is seething.
Opie is a loose canon that doesn't trust either Jax or Clay, and with Jax unable to tell Opie his motives for staying, and continuing to say things like "I need you to trust me Bro!", it leaves the door open for Clay to manipulate Op back to his side to some degree.
Lincoln Potter and Sheriff Eli remain intriguing, perhaps more intriguing than they were before due to how each ended the episode.

The Con, one big one really. The reveal of Gallindo was just cheesey. It was a sorry mechanism to write themselves out of the situation, almost akin to the Bobby Ewing dream sequence in which all of a sudden it was as if they just erased the entire season, hold on ... this didn't count. I really didn't like it. And the way it was done wasn't even well executed. They walk onto Potter's set up with a hertofore unmentioned CIA dude with a sheet of paper and shut everything down all before they even play the theme song. Then they bring Jax into a seperate room after this huge Irish deal falls through, flash him a couple badges, which makes no sense, I don't think they'd be getting badged just because the CIA is using one Cartel against another, and everything for whatever reason is perfectly clear to Jax. And all this before the first act.

Also, as much as I like Potter as a character, he'd better turn into something big next season. Because otherwise him setting up this big sting only to be stripped down like this and then disappear would just be confusing.
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