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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

So many thoughts on this show.

Last season we were blind sided at the end of the episode, this year we got it at the very start.

Last year we truly were left hanging, this year we got a glimpse of next season due to the early blind side.

Potter. His walking in on city council meeting and dumping all that crud on the floor shows he is much much more wired into the town than just a RICO case. He's dug in. He'll be back.

Clay. I don't know, Jax and crowd seem set to roll but I'm not sure how Clay will work into this next season. The club needs him for the Irish does he need the club? He doesn't know why the Jax needs him, on the surface it's just to deal with the Irish and that could easily be tweeked with Clay telling the Irish Jax is good to deal with and Clay could step back.

Interesting ending that leaves next season wide open. I see the club getting back to it's roots. When Jax told the Cartel the club was over it's head that left the door open for a return to normal everyday club law breaking activities and with CIA protection the Cartel Irish aspect could become a secondary storyline. There's no danger in it any longer

Can't wait. Still hooked
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