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Default Re: New NBA labor deal helps the Jazz a bit

Bell and Okur are still possible trade pieces. Amnestying Raja makes no sense at all given his contract. Maybe he will improve

What's the chances he will improve at this stage of his career? He basically missed a season came back and sucked. At his age that likely means he's through.

They seriously overpaid him which is why he signed with the Jazz other than a better team in the first place. See no value in him other than as a throw in on another deal if anyone else will let the Jazz get away with it which is not likely. He makes all the sense in the world. Opens up salary and roster space for someone with some value.

If they re-sign Watson, Price and AK they need to open a space for Paul Carter if they think he's worth keeping around not to mention anyone else they might like.

if not, then Ty needs to be giving him minimal minutes and be the 10th-12th guy on the rotation

Why do guys need minutes if they are not worthy of them? 12 man rotation?

Amnestying Jefferson does not work from a financial standpoint, the Jazz can't afford to lose money, or go into the luxury tax like they did this year.

They can afford it according to them. He doesn't make sense because he has value. Can you say Pao Gasol!

Bell has a short contract and still has some value.

Still has what two years? That's two years wasted on a roster spot. Take a look at him for a week in camp and if he still appears to be fading dump him!

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