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Default Re: Facts that say Dirk is MVP

Mark Cuban is scared,because he let go of one of the most amazing players in NBA history.Dirk is good but he is NOT the MVP.If anything Jason Terry is the Mavs best player has he takes and makes there big shot's while Dirk folds.By the way Dirk is such a crybaby,in the 2ot game Amare abused him in the low post and he was pleading for an offensive foul.Steve Nash is not only the mvp but a better leader as well.I don't care what anyone says, the suns were the most amazing team in the 06 Playoffs.We were undersized and undermatched,and has the experts put us down left and right we still won because of great leadership.Dallas fans can gloat all they want but they beat a team that was missing there whole frontline, STAT,Kurt Thomas,Brian Grant all injured while Raja Bell goes down has well.Had Bell been playing phx would have beat Dallas and ran Miami out of the gym.Pat Riley even said they had no answer for the suns.If they give Dirk the MVP Dallas had better watch out, because Dirk knows better then anyone not to make the true MVP mad.STEVE NASH MV3 MV3 MV3 MV3!!!
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