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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

I'm finally getting my K/D up from a pathetic 0.50 as I learn the maps more. 0.70 here I come.

- I think Village is by far the best map in MW3. I'll never turn down a session of anything on this map. I also really like Outpost despite how damn hard it is to see air support through the snow.

- If I get put on Downturn or Underground I exit immediately. I'm not wasting my time on those garbage designed pieces of shit.

- Hardline pro, Support, and Stinger has to be the most annoying combo and I use it all the time. Getting killstreak credit for 2 assists? Also for shooting down air support? Having 2 rockets? Yes please. The moment a Hind appears on the map, I blast it out of the sky ruining someone's fun. Hardline Pro is probably also the reason why you can't restock nades with Scavenger Pro. That would be an unfair combo.

- I like that you have to sacrifice your grenade slot if you want a claymore. It wasn't that way in Black Ops right? (I can't remember). But I do remember claymores being everywhere all the time on every map in Black Ops and it got kinda annoying.
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