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Default NY Post: Knicks close to signing Grant Hill

I hate quoting the New York Post, but........let's give Marc Berman a shot and see if his scoop is right:

Quote: WQR85SJ

The Knicks are on the verge of landing Grant Hill, according to two NBA sources.

Hill, the Suns free agent, deliberated for the past few days between making the jump to New York or staying with the Phoenix Suns, which are in rebuilding mode.

Hill is close to accepting the big challenge of the Big Apple.

“It’s not 100 percent done, but he’s leaning,’’ one source said.

Hill played his first season in Phoenix under the coaching staff of Mike D’Antoni, Dan D’Antoni and Phil Weber. “If it wasn’t for his relationship with Mike and the staff, this wouldn’t even be a consideration,’’ one source close to Hill said yesterday.

Sucks for Landry Fields and Iman Shumpert, getting pushed in rotation, but I could see Landry and/or Grant backing up Melo at the 3.

I'd love this. Always a big fan of Hill. I know other Knick fans disagree.
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