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Well I hope Demetri is a fine player...
I made the Deron Williams comparison earlier- and it is a logical comparison if you think about the similarities- but I've also heard that a better comparison would be a much bigger and more athletic version of Kiwane Garris, a great Illini guard in the mid-90's that just wasn't big or quick enough to stick in the NBA.

I went by the IB after turner chose OSU. That place is awesome.25 pages in a few hours. I'll have to go take another look now.
Illiniboard is the most manic-depressive place on the internet. I love that place.

I didn't know about Turner until the next morning, and I usually avoid that place after losses- be it an actual game, or in recruiting- because it's just too negative. But we certainly bounced back quickly from that one, I guess.
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