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Default Re: Pistons to resign Prince and Jerebko

I just read this one too:

Tayshaun Prince will be returning to the Detroit Pistons after reaching agreement on a $27 million, four-year contract, a league source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher. Prince, an unrestricted free agent, has spent his entire career with the Pistons since coming into the league in 2002. The veteran swingman averaged 14.1 points in 78 games last season.

That's a good deal on Prince. I thought he would get more around 8 million per season from someone. As long as Jerekbo continues to grow he's worth that contract. He's a potential starter and 4 million isn't bad for a starter in the league. I'm not sure if it shows little faith in Daye or not, but there's still not going to be much playing time for him. Maybe the Pistons are working on a trade...... Rip would have to be packaged with some kind of young talent.
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