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Default Re: 3/18 Kings@Hawks postgame thread

why does it seem like every night, some bum always comes up with career nights against us. man oh man...goodbye 2006-2007 season, just wrap it up and put in the books as a total failure. i'm looking at the stat sheet, and the thing that bothers me is that...ron artest has the most feild goal attempts game after game. some of those shots should be given to k-mart who shoots a much higher fg%. he's trying to take over and do everything himself, instead of being unselfish and playing teamball imo. He is making Mike Bibby change his game to fit in what he wants to do, he's making kevin change some of the stuff he usually does. now it just seems like the players are like..."well, i have a good look should i shoot this or pass it to ron who is gaurded but calling for the ball?" it might just be me, but I don't think the players should have to change their games to fit ron, it should be the other way around. no matter what, this is mike bibby's team he has been here the longest, heart and soul no doubt. here comes artest from indiana, he's the one who has to try to accomodate and help this team be better.
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