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Default Re: How good do you think we are next year?

Chandler is merely a consolation prize for the players they want but won't get (Paul, Howard). Considering that they gave him 14.5 mil per year AND they have to cut Billups to make room for him means he's quite an expensive silver medal.

More than that. They are hoping he can help them lure Paul there. can't see how they can afford him now though.

But it's an arms race in the East, and being that Miami picked up Battier and Curry New York had to sell the idea that they are keeping pace.

They'd have to catch up first to keep pace. Carmelo and Amare doesn't come close to Lebron and Wade not to mention the 3rd fiddle.

Will be interesting to see if Chicago feels the need to play the same game.

Chicago is just looking to upgrade the 2 which I'm sure they will. They are a contender. Even Jazz had people wanting to play for them when they were a contender.
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