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Default Re: 2011-12 Jazz could play big-man musical chairs

Half a decade ago he proved he could (sort of) do that. Not sure I'd say the Grizz were good when he was the centerpiece; a perennial 8 seed that never won a single playoff game. Would be even harder to do that now given his age, wear, and tear.

He's better now. He was the only guy playing over 30 minutes a game on the Grizz. He carried them. Believe they won 50 games. They were pretty good.

7 footers are not in their prime at 31.

He is. He's been playing his best ball.

He's on his last big contract and will probably only have 2-3 years left once his current deal expires. Again, constant international play betrays his actual age.

Remains to be seen.

Was not a proven winner until he joined an absolutely loaded Laker team with the best player of his generation and the best coach of all time.

And that team would have won with Jefferson? No. He was a perfect fit. He doesn't need the ball all the time to be effective like Jefferson. He's unselfish. Can play high and low post. Can pass. Team player. All the things Jefferson isn't.

Strike while the iron is hot. I love 'sap but he has peaked. Has physical limitations that he can't change and that limits his ceiling.

Again remains to be seen. If he shows he can play the 3 as well this year it's a whole new ball game. I'm not convinced he's peaked. Put him next to a guy that complements him better and who knows. Jefferson and him were a bad fit.

Jefferson has the size we need at the four and is unguardable down low

For being unguardable he was less effective than Millsap.

get him to commit to some defensive basics and teach him to pass out of a double team and he could be a dominant player

Can he be taught these things? Hasn't learned them yet.

team him up with more size (Favors, Kanter).

You forgot Okur. LOL! Kanter doesn't sound like he's anywhere near ready.

Gasol never proved he could be part of a winning team until he was traded to a winning team with the winningest coach of all time and one of the winningest players in history to shoulder the load.

Sure he did. Jefferson hasn't carried a team like Gasol did in Memphis. He's had the chance to do so.

Granger's name is floating all over the rumor mill.

Might be. I read he and George are untouchable.

Only way the Lakers trade Gasol is if it brings them Paul or Howard.

And that was the rumor I was commenting on. Jefferson to Hornets. Gasol to the Jazz. Obviously Scola, Odom and Martin are all better than Jefferson so that never materialized.

Stern isn't letting Paul go to the Lakers and I doubt Orlando would take Al for Howard. They'd rather have Bynum.

Who says they want Bynum? Lakers might want that deal. i wouldn't. What has Bynum done?

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