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Default Re: 3/18 Kings@Hawks postgame thread

Originally Posted by Targus™
why does it seem like every night, some bum always comes up with career nights against us. man oh man...goodbye 2006-2007 season, just wrap it up and put in the books as a total failure. i'm looking at the stat sheet, and the thing that bothers me is that...ron artest has the most feild goal attempts game after game. some of those shots should be given to k-mart who shoots a much higher fg%. he's trying to take over and do everything himself, instead of being unselfish and playing teamball imo. He is making Mike Bibby change his game to fit in what he wants to do, he's making kevin change some of the stuff he usually does. now it just seems like the players are like..."well, i have a good look should i shoot this or pass it to ron who is gaurded but calling for the ball?" it might just be me, but I don't think the players should have to change their games to fit ron, it should be the other way around. no matter what, this is mike bibby's team he has been here the longest, heart and soul no doubt. here comes artest from indiana, he's the one who has to try to accomodate and help this team be better.

Who cares about the Artest/Bibby battle? They're both 2nd options trying to make themselves a first option while forcing up shots that a mentally retarded five year old who just partied with a drunk Eric Musselman takes. IMO they're both holding back the progress of KMart. Bibby is content to throw up random garbage whenever he gets the ball no matter where he is on the court and no matter if he has 2 people on him. The only thing Ron does more than shoot is dribble. Ron is a ball stopper who kills the team game and doesn't fit well on this team. Bibby has been horrible at running the team lately. IMO they should both go.

Kevin played decently but he never gets the ball. He is already a better scorer than Ron/Mike in his first year of serious minutes but there is no plays run for him and he never gets the ball. The only guy who looks for Kevin is Brad and some of the younger guys like Price(who does a much better job of defending and running the team than Bibby).

Artest is a gotdamn ballhog and he needs to GO. Trade him to a team that needs a ball hog like the TWolves. But please Petrie, GET HIM OFF THIS TEAM. Hopefully for a first rounder or a young player or something. You know what? At this point, as long as we get back some decent asset we can use for rebuilding/retooling I don't care what we trade him for. Just as long as we trade him.

The only guys who played well were the young guys and Corliss. Price and Williams were able to show they have skills. And I noticed that the young guys play way harder and they pass a lot more when they play. Which is why we actually outscored the Hawks a bit in the fourth.

That was a horrible effort from the starters.

more thoughts later when my kings-induced headache goes away.
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