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Default Re: What would you do if you ran the Sixers?

Originally Posted by Jasi
OT, is Nikola Vucevic gonna get some relevant minutes as far as you know?

No clue honestly. I think it depends how fast he adjusts and picks up things in the NBA.

Hawes has yet to be resigned but chances are he will be (I hope just for 1yr). Tony Battie was given the vet minium not to long ago. And Speights is still on the roster but everyone including his mama expects him to be traded.

So potentially it could be Hawes/Brand/Vucevic/Battie as the big men in the middle.

Playing time will be there for him to get some decent minutes. Hawes only played 21mins per game last year. Brand played some Center to allow Thad at PF. Doug Collins will give the kid a chance but if he is finding it difficult to adjust to the pace of the game, struggling to pick up the offense or lacking confidence? He'll ride the pine. He gave Evan Turner plenty of chances to get minutes but Evan couldnt handle playing off the ball.

So hopefully Vucevic can defend and rebound because that'll keep him on the floor more than offense (ask Speights). I know this wasnt a yes/no answer but this is the best I can go with for now.
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