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Default Re: 2011-12 Jazz could play big-man musical chairs

I want Kanter and Favors 30+ minutes each, so good bye to either Jefferson, Okur or Millsap. Would prefer Al or Okur.

A lot of teams are in need of centers: Boston, Orlando(when Howard leaves), Miami, Portland(Camby is old), etc...

Al's $14 mill and Okur's $11 mill is a lot to take on though.

Right now it sounds like Kanter's minutes should be coming in the D-league. I want Al and Okur gone because they are overpaid as are Harris and Raja. CJ also appears expendable now. After all the moves are made if Favors deserves 30 + minutes I'm all for it. Not at all for throwing away the season to give him or anyone else minutes though.

Okur is expiring and other teams were after Al when Jazz got him so they are tradable as is Harris. Raja would have to be thrown in on a deal because he appears to be through and has a horrible deal. CJ I'm sure they could deal too.
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