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Default Re: 2011-12 Atlanta Hawks preseason schedule

Now that the NBA lockout has come to an end, Pitt's undrafted senior class is getting a belated shot to make the league as undrafted free agents. First up is Brad Wanamaker to the Atlanta Hawks.

Wanamaker enters camp with what seems like a decent shot to make the Hawks; 15 man roster (via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution):

As it stands now, the Hawks are expected to have begin camp with 13 players on their roster, with nine of them on fully guaranteed contracts.

McGrady, Collins and Hinrich join guards Jeff Teague, Joe Johnson, Pape Sy and Brad Wanamaker; forwards Josh Smith, Magnum Rolle and Williams; and centers Zaza Pachulia, Keith Benson and Horford.

The contracts for Sy, Rolle, and Wanamaker are not fully guaranteed. Benson has yet to sign but, as a second-round draft pick, his contract will not be fully guaranteed.

Brad is waiting to get FIBA clearance after playing in Italy, but apparently there's a slight hold-up due to an Italian holiday.

I really hope Wanamaker can make the team. I saw him play in college and he's underrated.
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