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Default Re: Rod Higgins is an absolute idiot

Originally Posted by Timmeh
I have to completely disagree with you.

While it is true letting Kwame go gives us the average size of a mid-major D1 college team, Kwame didn't deserve 7 million.

Remember, this is one of the reasons we had a lockout in the first place. Guys were essentially getting paid ridiculous amounts of money just for being tall. We had 2 of the worst offenders ever in Kwame and Diop. I'm sorry, but you do not deserve 7 million dollars for 6-10 minutes a game and averaging only 5-8 points. No. That's bad financial management.

It's obvious we're in rebuilding mode. And that's how we're going to stay forever. Why? Not because our FO is incompetent. But its because the NBA is saturated with selfish superstar players who want to play in big markets where they'll get big contracts, championships, endorsements, and fame. See Chris Paul and Dwight Howard as the next 2 examples where Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Deron Williams, and Amare Stoudemire were the culprits last year.

Charlotte will never, ever, ever be a top tier team with the way things are now because the players are selfish and egotistical. From what I've noticed, the lockout was a complete waste of time because the players are going to end up getting more leverage because the small market teams don't want to pay big bucks to keep superstars, and large market teams have more than basketball to offer. The NBA is a horrible product.
nahh that's not it. there are plenty of small market teams that become top tier teams. look at teams like san antonio, okc and cleveland. the cavs were absolutely top tier for what? 7 years? san antonio's been elite for over 10 years and running and okc's a smaller market than charlotte and they got to where they are today by drafting well and trading for the pieces they need.

it might be near impossible to KEEP your star players after x number of years, but it's far from impossible to get a small market team to the top. our management is just really incompetent. i think you're being overly negative due to the consistent failures of our FO
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