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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by clipse026
I've played WoW since they introduced Mauradon. I had my eye on this but not too seriously. I had been checking videos recently and decided to look at it a bit more. It looks great and I can't wait. I actually pre-ordered yesterday. I don't care if I don't get early access. It should be damn fun. I'll probably end up playing a Corruption specced Sith Sorcerer since my friend is going to play one of the melee specs.

Are you playing on an EU server?

Yeah I'm in an EU server. Waiting for a couple of buddies to get their early access so they can join me.

Probably the only bad thing about having staggered early access depending on when you pre-ordered the game, that you can't start up the same time as your friends as everyone will get their codes at different times. I'll probably start up a new character one they get in the game so we can run through the starting zone together.
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