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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Who cares if he knocked Cro Cop out? Everyone has been knocking him out in the 3rd. The guy completely falls apart in the 3rd. Mir wasn't in shape? That's his fault. BJ Penn wasn't in shape for his fights, but he still didn't lose to a mediocre opponent that he was much bigger than in a minute. Mir wasn't in shape? He lost in a minute, so it's not like cardio came into play anyways...

lol ure one of the biggest retard mma observers i've ever seen. the way u play favorites is f'in sad i love how u make excuses for Nog being hurt but fighting then try to dog Mir for being out of shape and fightiing...obviously to exxcuse Nog losing and applying a double standard to one and not the other for them both supposedly not being at their best. fedor lost in the first 30~ seconds to werdum. wasn't he ure greatest fighter of all time and unbeatable? don't even act like people don't get caught in this sport all of the time, whether its a punch or a sub, still fact remains a half decent observer can tell who geets caught and who has legit skills, even if they get caught multiples of times(like Sonnen for ex), it still doesn't take away from how good he is at what he does. almost everyone in mma has a weakness, whether its brock's striking, carwin's/bj's cardio, etc, its laffable ure trying to act like Mir sucks so much, but thats typical u and ure horrible consistently bias viewpoints. sad
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