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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

thanks, fellas. i chose the sims2 and hardonk fights because i'm sure i haven't seen them before. here's my takes:

sims- mir takes his superior balance, strength and low center of gravity and throws (floors) the dude repeatedly. once there, maybe he didn't have the best G&P, but it took it's toll. then, on the feet... oh yes... those knee strikes and that last vicious shot to the head, bam. haven't seen a head snap back that far in a while. nice finish too, for a guy who had illegally stomped on mir's face their previous fight. and seems to talk a bunch of smack in general.

hardonk- great takedown, great armlock, including not letting the guy roll away from the hold. not much else to say.


- both of those guys are basically just average HW's. kongo, nog, and nelson are basically gatekeepers now and gatekeepers when he fought them. sylvia, meh... not the most impressive fighter i've seen. so, yea... he may have mostly looked good against these guys, but isn't that what he's supposed to do at his level?

- i still don't think i've ever seen mir impress on the feet (in the sims fight the guy was already half-out). he just doesn't seem to have that explosiveness... the power and the arm speed. he's a wizard on the ground, obviously, but how is he ever going to get past the top strikers... strikers who are hard to take down?

- also, he seems to gas pretty often. i remember that from several of his previous fights, but even in the quick hardonk fight he had trouble finding breath afterward for his interview with joe.

conclusion: mir is somewhat more interesting to watch than i remember, but the reality is still this- he pretty much maxes at around sixth-best in the world in today's MMA. and yes, he's definitely an education on the ground, but i'd still rather watch the fighters i mentioned previously in terms of title-shots or eliminators. if mir could work on his cardio and striking i could see myself and audiences changing our minds. but he's 32 and the clock's ticking, you know?
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