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Originally Posted by wang4three
Meyers could go lotto, but he'd be a project big man. I think if he has a solid season, he'd go in the late lottery. Right now he needs to be more aggressive, both offensively and defensively. Also he needs to stop it with the Mike Tisdale rebounding mentality. No reason he shouldn't be grabbing 9 a game. I know we play a slower pace, but he's been giving up boards to smaller guys.

He's going to be a fantastic player one day. Probably the big man we've had since I've become an Illini. I know that's not saying much (he's competing against Mike Davis, Shaun Pruitt, Roger Powell Jr., and Auggie) but I like what I've seen.

I hope he stays one more year. With his rate of improvement, he'd be a top 5 pick next year.

lol, I haven't been watching the Illini much longer than you. I started as a kid when Kiwane Garris was our "star." Point being, I don't think that the Illini have some great history of big men. I can't think of anyone who is better than Leonard.

He does that jump passing shit which I hate, but otherwise he does almost everything right. And rebounding is important, but when you've got everyone else getting boards, it doesn't matter as much. I think his presence and tap outs on the offensive glass plus putbacks is on point.

People are mad at him cuz he got worked a couple times by dude from St Bon, but truth be told as the game went in he stopped dude in the clutch and scored on him in the clutch. The mistakes he made were easy to fix, too, he just leaned on him a bit too much and constantly let him spin. If he just relaxed a bit, he'd be fine. As you saw by the end of the game.

He IS a prospect big, but he's a lotto prospect big. I remember my cousin was talking to me when I was gushing about Sullinger. He was like wait til you see this kid Meyers Leonard. And I was like oh word?? He did some things last year, but this year he is coming out as one of the top bigs IMO. There's no reason to think he's not, by NBA standards, one of the best prospects in awhile. And I pride myself on being objective when I judge Illini players. lol.

I'm just saying, he is our impact player now. BP is my favorite and DJ/Sam are doing things... everyone is fitting into our plan, but Meyers is the one that is gonna put us over the top vs the good teams. If we go deep, he's gone.

Edit: Also you're right about him being a top pick if he stays another year and plays well, but if I'm an NBA GM why not give him a lotto promise, scoop him up a year early and get him training on an NBA Level. He got bigger in the offseason, but this dude is a mutant. When he 'fills out' he's gonna be like 275 and athletic IMO.


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