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Default Re: Josh Howard signs with Utah

He'd be a good fit in Sacramento anyway since they have a ton of guys that can score but refuse to pass.

They have Outlaw now so that might not happen. He fits pretty much anywhere because of his versatility.

You can't really go wrong with a 1 year deal for Howard though.

Sure you can. If he sucks he's taking up cap space and a roster spot that could have been used elsewhere.

He's not what they really need, but he's still a pretty good player.

They don't need an athletic, veteran, former all-star swingman that rebounds, plays D, and has a nice mid range game? I'd say they really do need him. Hopefully, he's got something left.

If they just got some average players on the perimeter they'd be good.

They would? They've got a below average Raja starting so they don't even meet that low criteria.

It's so frustrating that they're stuck with Okur and Harris's salaries.

Doubt they are. There was interest in Harris before the Jazz got him and Okur is a big with an expiring contract. Got to be a market for him after what we just saw in FA.

I guess they could Amnesty Okur, but they might and well use him in a trade since he only has 1 year left.

Too late. Raja made the most sense because he has no value unless they can throw him in on another deal or take back someone else's crap in exchange.
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