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Default Re: Marshon Brooks & the Williams Boys

aw... no mention of terrence to go along with sean?

sean was incredible athletically, but terrence was an even more intriguing player to me- a potential badass lockdown wing as well as an elite athlete who could pass the hell out of the ball. upside out half-a-dozen wazoos.

obviously an odd dude, but from my impression, still quite intelligent. meaning he had the potential to grasp the NBA game at a level that people like sean and sammy dalembert (for a similar example) will simply never be able to do.

but i guess that emotionally or developmentally, terrence has some major problems that prevent him from progressing. marcus williams-level stuff? i just don't know.

i really think that most teams should be investing more money in sports psychologists, studies, applications, and anything that can help so many of these troubled, distracted young players to make a better transition to the pro-sports level.

so much is at stake, after all. i mean, each #1 pick represents so much investment on behalf of a team- why not try a little harder and make it an absolutely complete investment? money-wise, any added expense in that area is still a fraction of what gets paid to the mean-salaried NBA player ($5mil/yr IIRC). you know?

people like sean and terrence are fundamentally decent human beings, IMO. that's where the connection should have started... the basis that we should have built out of. and not only does it work for us fans, it's rock-solid financially and logistically for the team-building process... as far as i can see.

so, screw tradition... there's gotta be a better solution than how we currently handle this stuff.

these guys were not anywhere near eddie griffin-level depressed and crazy, you know?

bah, sorry for the rant.
most of us deserve medals for staying nets fans through all these years...
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