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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by silky_smooth
Would it be unwise for me to start Kevin Smith over Mike Turner?

And if Vincent Jackson is out, Malcolm Floyd or Santana Moss?

I wouldn't call it unwise, but I would say it's a risk.

Kevin Smith could easily outproduce Turner, and he could just as easily aggravate his injury and leave minutes into the game.

Atlanta has turned to the passing game in recent weeks, and to keep up with the Saints they will have to continue the down field attack. With that being said, Turner will be getting the goal line carries and he may very well convert a couple of scores.

I would personally go with Turner, although I don't expect a large discrepancy between the amount of points they score. Play Smith if that's what your gut is telling you to do.

Play Santana Moss regardless. Vikings secondary is very leaky.
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