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Default Shorter training camp results in a minor change

The AP reports:

Last year in training camp, Wade and James wanted to be on separate teams in practice, trying to set a tone for workouts. This year, with an abbreviated training camp and the core of last year's Eastern Conference championship team back, the mano-a-mano matchups haven't happened much, their preference being to keep Miami's first unit together as much as possible to get sharp for the season.

That's fine with James and Wade.

"I'd rather not go against him," James said. "We're two competitors. We go against each other at practice at times. But I've found it's definitely better to have him by my side."

When the Heat got James, the team got a two-time MVP, and both players got -- of all things -- child-care help.

An interesting perk, for certain, but it's just another tie that binds. James has two sons, Wade has two sons, and the kids are all of relatively similar ages. They hang out often, overnighting and playing together, sometimes going so late that the dads are still a bit sleepy when they arrive for work the next day. It speaks to the level of trust James and Wade have with each other as well.
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