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Default Re: Adrian Peterson tears ACL, needs reconstructive surgery

Originally Posted by -playmaker-
Okay, I've done a lot of reading up on this now...let me throw a couple things out there not said in here...

1. ACL surgery has come A VERY LONG WAY since just a decade ago. For instance, Welker tore his ACL and was back right away.

2. It us being said that Peterson does infact have age on his side here...all of acting as though 26 is old are just wrong. He is 26, not 36.

3. He may miss some of next year, and might not be able to cut right when he does return, however it is very likely he can go back to 100% eventually. McNabb tore his ACL and did get back to 100% after a couple years.
It's not just the ACL though its the MCL as well as the ACL. I'm not sure how much more troublesome that is, but it certainly can't help especially if its what Terrell Davis had.
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