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I definitely hope they bring back Cassell or Guillermo Diaz might actuall get playing time. Cassell >>> Diaz.

At least it's nice to know that Sterling is finally willing to spent some money. Not onlyhe overpaid Mobley last season, but he's also overpaying Tim Thomas... I think he will backup the PF position behind Brand since they arleady have a backup C in Paul Davis. Vladrad is as good as gone. If the Clippers keep Cassell, the Clipper team is stacked.

C- Chris Kaman - Paul Davis
F- Elton Brand - Tim Thomas
F- Corey Maggette - James Singleton
G- Cuttino Mobley - Quinton Ross - Daniel Ewing
G- Shaun Livingston - Sam Cassell - Guillermo Diaz.

If the Clippers lose Sam Cassell(will be a sad, sad day in Clipper Nation), I hope they atleast replace him with someone like Mike James, Marcus Banks, maybe trade for Jamaal Tinsley. And hopefully Sam Cassell's leadership and swagger will rub off on the rest of the team.

If Sam's back, this team is a title contender.

Most importantly, Donald Sterling is finally spending money. But it's not always a good thing. The Clippers are now stuck with Tim Thomas for 4 years. I just hope he doesn't start playing lazy basketball. Fortunately, the Clippers are deep at the SF position just incase Tim Thomas has those days where he says f*ck it. Maggette, Ross, and James Singleton are good players.
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