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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by ukballer
I'm playing on an Alienware M15x laptop.


I don't have a great knowledge of computer/laptop specs myself, but with this laptop I can run the game with highest shadows/textures etc.

I tried the BETA on my old laptop which was an ACER Aspire, a pretty basic and normal laptop, but not bad, and got pretty low FPS (frames per second) and made the game hard to play.

Thanks for the info.... I been looking at some Alienware laptops on ebay.. I will prolly wind up bidding for one. They got a good m14s and some M11s.

I will probably wind up getting one of those... I really want to just go pick something up at store, but the alienware seems like the answer. They have some that are used for around 500$.. other than that they run about 1,200 - 3000 dollars.
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