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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Thanks for the info.... I been looking at some Alienware laptops on ebay.. I will prolly wind up bidding for one. They got a good m14s and some M11s.

I will probably wind up getting one of those... I really want to just go pick something up at store, but the alienware seems like the answer. They have some that are used for around 500$.. other than that they run about 1,200 - 3000 dollars.

Yeah, I can't fault the laptop to be honest the few months I've had it. Yup, they're pricey, but you get what you pay for. Every game I play I can run at highest graphics and don't have any frame rate issues. Battlefield 3 in full graphics on this laptop looks fantastic, I should play it more often.

Got mine brand new on Ebay as I don't think the M15x is actually on general sale anymore. M14x would be just as good, one inch difference is nothing (that's what she said).
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