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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
What kind of PCs are y'all playing on?

Im about to pickup a PC (maybe a laptop) to play the game. I dont wanna spend a grip (between 5 & 7 hundred bucks).. I just wanna get the best system for that amount of money..

any issues I should consider?

MMO controls need to be tuned on the pc. Most people use the mouse for turning to free up the A and D keys for keybinds. Modifying with shift, ctl, alt and that's another 6 actions bound to your home keys replacing 7 through =. What I mean by modifying is, shift + A is a different action than A while ctl+A is also unique. You can remap all these things through preferences, keybinds tab.

It's a lot more challenging than clicking your action bar for new players, but it helps a lot if you stick with the game and get into pvp or any of the end game stuff. Everything becomes fluid after a while.

Haven't had too much time with the game, but I'm an Imperial Agent specializing Operative Medic on Nadd's Sarcophagus. If enough ISH players went for the idea, I'd reroll a character on another server to play with everyone.
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