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Grunwald should be fired. PERIOD! No excuses. Other teams have done better with the same amount of cap room. My dad and I were talking and he put it in perfect perspective.

Taking our rookies out of the equation...Bill Walker, Renaldo Balkman were pretty much contractual locks before Grunwald got here. So Grunwald can take blame or credit for them. Unless he went out and traded them, they were going to be Knicks. Right now, you'd probably have to say they've been our best bench players. It's really not even been close. So that means the guys you acquired are significantly worse than the guys you were forced to keep. He had the choice to get Lin,Bibby,Jordan,Jeffries,Novak. So when those guys come in the game and stink it up...IT'S ON YOU!

Right now we have a 15 man roster and only 3 players on it that can create their own shot. THREE PLAYERS! Melo, Amare and Shumpert... Maybe Baron if or when he gets healthy.
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